6 months… and done.

So there. After the Women’s March on Washington, it became almost impossible for me to continue this work. Each day throughout the month of February it became harder and harder for me to execute the daily rigor of this project.  The news was more and more disturbing and depressing and I was becoming a bit crazy. really – CRAZY! I found that all I really wanted to do was to paint Ice Cream Cones. So I did.

My plan was to take the month of March off. “MARCH” HA! How ironic.  Sometimes I am slow to the punch but I just realized the connection there. I thought the month of March would be simply be to include my “WOMEN POWER” fist sign.  I would then pick up the daily routine again in April – to finish up on the last day of my 57th year, August 8, 2018.

After I took this break for the month, my entire being refused to allow my return to the work. So, voila… the work –  she is complete.

The work will be shown in January/February 2018 at RVCC’s art gallery in Bridgewater NJ. Announcement to follow. Complete work will be exhibited at that venue.


I’ve been on this planet for 57 years. As I like to remind myself,  Willie Nelson was young when he was 57.

The other night, on 60 Minutes, Obama stated that he was still young and hopes to still have a couple of more career lives. He’s 55. So really 57 is also young, also. Although compared to Mitch McConnell, 57 is young.

But really, even Betty White is young compared to Mitch McConnell.

So I’m 57 years young. And that’s that.

This year has been particularly stressful for Americans. Democrats  believed that Hillary Clinton would be elected and that the Republicans might finally find themselves in the minority. Well, we all know what happened next. These drawings have helped me cope with the divided nature of our country, the impending doom of shortsightedness and greed that lives here. The Typed news stream helps keep me honest to the methods of the powers that be. It reminds me of the ridiculous world we live, the unfathomable stupidity to be a human being. No one is exempt from that charge.